What are the different types of space maintainers?

What Are the Different Types of Space Maintainers?

April 29, 2024

Understanding the different types of space maintainers in Worthington is crucial for parents whose children may need them. This blog will provide a detailed overview of the various types of space maintainers, their uses, and how they can benefit your child's dental health.

Removable vs. Fixed

Space maintainers come in two main types: removable and fixed. Removable space maintainers are similar to orthodontic appliances and can be taken out for cleaning or eating. They are usually used when the missing tooth is one of the child's permanent teeth, or if the child can responsibly handle and care for the appliance.

Fixed space maintainers, on the other hand, are cemented onto the teeth adjacent to the empty tooth space. They can't be removed except by a dentist, making them a more reliable choice for younger children or those who might lose or damage a removable device. Both types of space maintainers serve the same purpose: to keep the space open for the permanent tooth to erupt properly.

Types of Fixed Space Maintainers

There are several types of fixed space maintainers, each designed for specific situations:

  1. Unilateral (Band-and-Loop) Maintainer: 

This type of space maintainer is used when there is a need to hold space on one side of the mouth. It consists of a metal band that is fitted around a tooth and a loop of wire that extends to the space where the tooth is missing.

  1. Crown and Loop Maintainer: 

Similar to the unilateral maintainer, the crown and loop maintainer uses a crown instead of a band. The crown is placed over a tooth, and a loop of wire extends to the empty space.

  1. Distal Shoe Maintainer: 

This type of space maintainer is used when the second primary molar is lost before the first permanent molar has erupted. The distal shoe is inserted under the gum to guide the eruption of the permanent molar and maintain the space.

  1. Lingual Holding Arch: 

The lingual holding arch is used when there is a need to hold space on both sides of the lower jaw. It is cemented to the molars and has a wire that runs along the inside (lingual side) of the lower front teeth.

Take The First Step Towards Your Child's Oral Health

Understanding the importance of space maintainers in Worthington is the first step towards ensuring your child's oral health. If your child has lost a tooth prematurely, a space maintainer can help prevent future dental problems. At Victoria Hutta Orthodontics, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for your child's dental needs. Dr. Victoria Hutta has extensive experience and training in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, ensuring your child receives the best possible care. Don't wait for dental problems to develop. Call us today at (614) 896-9090 to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards protecting your child's smile.

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